Samuel is a Melbourne-based composer working primarily in the fields of notated, acoustic music and fixed media electronics.

Variously described as ‘beguiling, mysterious and gentle’ (Canberra City News) or ‘glistening with totally gorgeous sonorities’ (The Australian), Samuel’s music focuses on the integration of slowly unfolding process, instrumental colour and virtuosic gesture.

Samuel creates what he describes as ‘multi-species funeral music,’ which is increasingly informed by the tragedies and pathos of climate change and extinction. These themes find their way into his compositions through pathways like the spectral analysis of calls of recently extinct species (in the 2018 piece endings, (anti)endings), or data points mapped from endangered wildflowers (in the 2019 piece sun-opener).

Samuel holds degrees from the Australian National University (2012) – where he studied composition with Larry Sitsky and Jim Cotter, and guitar with Tim Kain – and the University of Melbourne, where he studied towards Honours (2013) and Masters (2016) degrees under the supervision of Elliott Gyger.